About Alethia Press

The Alethia Press Mission

Alethia Press is committed to providing biblically accurate material that will anchor children in the truth of Scripture. With each item generated, whether a teaching resource, five-part stories, or Sunday school curriculum, we strive to faithfully and accurately present God’s Word.

During our years in ministry, the purpose behind Sunday school materials has shifted. Some no longer teach with the hope of changing lives. Materials miss the mark by not challenging children to follow Christ and do right but are designed to make sure the children have fun in church.

Alethia Press believes that God can work in the heart of a child more freely than He can work in the heart of an adult. By systematically teaching children biblical truth and offering them an opportunity to choose right, we are providing building blocks that are the foundation of a life of serving God.

The Alethia Press Methods

Our purpose is:

  • To present Christ by communicating His Word (Bible) resulting in a transformed life.
  • To clearly, concisely, and precisely teach God’s Word through accurate exegesis.
  • To impart relevant, life changing Bible truths accurately and systematically, establishing a foundation for a godly life.
  • To exemplify the blessings of living a Christ-like life.
  • To establish the child so he may be complete and equipped to serve God.

We accomplish this by:

  • Developing a child’s knowledge of who God is (natural and moral attributes).
  • Cultivating a sense of right and wrong (consciousness of sin and an accurate knowledge of his natural spiritual condition).
  • Providing solid doctrinal teaching of who Jesus Christ is and what He has done.
  • Leading each child to make a personal decision to begin His relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Discipling the child as he begins his walk with Christ by training him in the basics of Christian faith.
  • Teaching children to relate the Bible to their life experiences (inoculating them against the world by indoctrinating them with a Biblical worldview).
  • Equipping children to respond to God in faith and participate in supporting, helping, and serving others at home, church, and school.

About The Oslins


Pastor Oz

Also known as Leigh Oslin, is a favorite of children (and parents) in churches across America. His ministry is characterized by more than 45 years of faithfulness to God’s calling to teach children and to train children’s workers. Having a passion for outreach and evangelism, Pastor Oz’s ministry has taken him to hundreds of churches across America. He is a master storyteller, author, evangelist, and teacher.

Pamela Oslin

Pamela has spent 45 years in ministry working with children. Graduating with a degree in Elementary Education, she taught in the elementary classroom (20 years) and has homeschooled 4 children (17 years). Since 2000, Pamela has worked as a writer/editor for 16 Christian publishing companies (full time and freelance). Currently, as president of Alethia Press, she writes Sunday school curriculum and designs resources to strengthen children’s ministries in local churches.

Pastor Oz and Pamela were married in 1975, live near Atlanta, have four children and seven grandchildren. Since 2013, they have been missionaries to children of the world with the Gospel Preacher Association in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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