Frogs and Logs!


Any age will enjoy playing Frogs and Logs! A game that will keep the children listening so they will be ready with the answers.

Pieces come on 5 laminated 8½ x 11 sheets (READY TO BE CUT OUT)


Each set includes:

  • Six frogs (Three girl frogs with bows and three boy frogs with bowties)- Approximate size 4½” by 5¼”
  • Twenty-five logs (eight of them have alligators on the back)- Approximate size 1¾” by 4½”

Each piece is laminated, ready to be used again and again!

Review facts with a captivating game that can motivate children to listen, reinforce what was taught, and check understanding.

Alethia Press Review games are versatile – ready for use in any classroom situation.

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