Savior of the World Mystery Trick


A visual that creatively illustrates how sin separates man from God and that faith in Jesus Christ is God’s solution to man’s sin.

Four laminated cards – Each measuring 5½ by 4¼ – $15.00
Also available in larger size 8½ by 11 cards- $25.00

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What They See:

Three pictured cards are shown. On the front they see (1) the word ADAM with a picture of the world, (2) a snake picture with the word SIN, and (3) the word GOD displayed on a beautiful picture. Comment on each word and picture. The three cards are turned over together showing the backs. The middle card is red and the other two are blue. Remove the red card and place it face down on the table. Show both sides of the blue cards. Turn the red card on the table over. It has changed from sin/snake to Savior/cross.


GOD card 

  • God created all things: sun, moon, and stars, angels, plants, animals, and man.
  • God is holy, pure, and perfect in every way and separate from sin.

ADAM card 

  • God created Adam from the dust of the earth.
  • Adam was created holy but yielded to temptation and sinned against God.

SIN card 

  • Satan disguised as a serpent tempted man to sin by disobeying God.

JESUS card

  • Jesus is God’s one and only way to have your sin forgiven and receive eternal life.
Card Size

Small version- 5½ by 4¼- $15, Large version- 8½ by 11- $25


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